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# since 1060
# Worlds Oldest private brewery

Our beers

Unbeatable: Our thirteen very fine types of beer and the two seasonal beers quench your thirst and lift your spirits. I prefer to get a full box quickly to celebrate with friends.

The family holds together

For us at the Wildbräu brewery, the family is particularly important. This is not only shown by a look at our family tree, which is shaped by a long line of ancestors of successful brewer families. They held together even in difficult times and stood up for the place and the region. The fact that we have a common heraldic animal together with Grafing shows that it is worth fighting for mutual success under the sign of the bear.

wild & traditional Bavarian

According to the motto “Wild and Urbavarian”, we at Wildbräu and our 18 employees have been brewing beer with the bear for over 400 years. For our beloved homeland, of course, do it according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.

Do it yourself, for the eleven types of beer and two seasonal beers, no problem for Bräu Gregor and master brewer Johannes – ideally, of course, when wrapping directly from the storage tank.

We’ll bless each other at the host or at the next festival!
Your brewer and master brewer


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