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Ramp sale

Ramp sale

Ramp sales at the brewery from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm and on Fridays until 12:00 pm.
Lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00. Payment by EC card or cash. All prices incl. VAT.
08092/700912, via WhatsApp 01786570753 or

Bonus: As a member of the Wildbräu family, you will receive a 1 euro discount on every crate of beer!

Bar drinks and knockers are only available in the ramp sale and cannot be purchased on commission.

Fest- inventory
wildbraeu-festzeltgarniturMARQUEE SET
consisting of 1 table (220 x 50 cm) and 2 benches (220 x 27 cm)
Pick-up price: 5 €/St. | Art. 8656
wildbraeu-durchlaufkuehler-CO2-2FLOW-THROUGH COOLER FOR CO2
2-pipe, capacity: 120 litres per pipe and hour (requires CO2 100 litres of beer = 1 kg)
30,00 € | Art. 8641
wildbraeu-durchlaufkuehlerFLOW-THROUGH COOLER WITHOUT CO2
1-pipe, capacity: 25 litres per pipe and hour (does not require CO2)
Pick-up price: 20,00 € | Art. 8670
wildbraeu-flaschenkühlschrankBOTTLE REFRIGERATOR
FKS 3600, capacity: 360 litres.
Attention: Only for beverage storage!
Pick-up price: 18,00 € | Art.8653
wildbraeu-sonnenschirm2SUNSCREEN Large
(5/box), Diameter: 300 cm Pick-up price: 12,00 € | Art. 8635
(5/box), Diameter: 200 cm, Pick-up price: 5.95 € | Art. 8636
wildbraeu-kuehlanhaengerCOOLING PENDANT
Dimensions H/W/D: 200/180/360 cm, total weight: 3.6 tonnes, max.
Pick-up price: 90,00 € | Art. 8649
wildbraeu-kuehlboxCOOLING BOX
Dimensions H/W/D: 200/180/360 cm, 40 boxes with luminous flux
Pick-up price: 50,00 € | Art.8612
wildbraeu-ausschankanhangerBAR TRAILER
Dimensions H/W/D: 300/240/400 cm, car coupling
Pick-up price: 120,00 € | Art. 8665
Pick-up price: 90,00 € | Art.8673
wildbraeu-krugwaschmaschineJUG WASHING MACHINE
0.5 to 1.0 litre jugs, capacity: approx. 1000 jugs/hour.
Pick-up price: 140 € Art. 8640
Maß-Mug (15/steeple) | Art.8550
Willi mug 0,5l (24/Steige) | Art.8554
Mug 0,5l (24/Steige) | Art.8556
Wheat beer glasses 0,5l (24/Steige) | Art.8558
Wheat beer glasses 0,3l (24/Steige) | Art.8557
Pick-up price: 5 € per crate, if dirty back 10 € per crate
Carbonated bottle 20kg 47,60 € | Art.7000
Carbonated bottle 10kg 35,70 € | Art.7001
Carbonated bottle 6kg 23,80 € | Art.7002
Barrel pump 5,95 € | Art.8525
Bar counter 5,95 € | Art.8600
Wash tub 12,00 € | Art.8602
Truck refrigerated trailer 100,00 € | Art.8651
Soda gun 0,00 € | Art.8574
Carbon dioxide heater 0,00 € | Art.8575
Accompanying cooling system 30,00 € | Art.8674
Tapping set mayor (Ganter, Schlegel) 0,00 € | Art.8586
Dummy keg 0,00 € | Art.8587
Turbo tap 0,00 € | Art.8577
Bar apron 0,00 € | Art.8516
Banner flag (1mx2m) 0,00 € | Art.7411
Construction fence banner 0,00 € | Art.8514
Notice board 0,00 € | Art.8610
Bottle opener 0,00 € | Art.7911
Own belly label 250,00 € | Art.6995
Crate price
Helles18,99 €
Wine spritzer
Helles 0,33l15,19 €
Zwickl 0,33l
Spritzer (Apple, Currant, Rhubarb)
Wheat beers (Light, Normal)19,99 €
Black beer
Non-alcoholic Beers
Spezi12,99 €
Brauereilimo (Lemon, Orange)
Krumbacher water 12×0,7 (Classic, Medium, Natruell)5,04 €
Wildbräu Tafelwater 20×0,5l4,99 €
Barrel price (per litre)
Helles (20l, 30l, 50l)2,00 €
Zwickl (30l)
Wine spritzer (50l)
Wheat beers (30l)2,09 €
Meistersud (30l)
Export (30l, 50l)
Spezi (30l)1,40 €
Water (50l)0,70 €
Wheat beers (30l)2,09 €
Meistersud (30l)
Export (30l, 50l)
Spezi (30l)1,40 €
Water (50l)0,70 €
Bar drinks (pro Flasche)
Dry Gin Sir William (1l)15,97 €
White River Rum Extra Dry (1l)
Cherry liqueur (1l)12,50 €
Rubenkov Wodka (1l)
Energy Drink (20×0,5l)26,97 €
Ginlos Tonic Water (20×0,5l)19,97 €
Klopfer (25 Stück)
Sour Josta15,97 €
Strawberry limes
Hazelnut liqueur

What our customers say

Emergency service & inventory

“We are very satisfied, our folk festival ran like clockwork. Even when we ran out of carbon dioxide during the festival – two new bottles of carbon dioxide arrived 1/2 hour later. The inventory was great and looked great in the tent!”

Volksfest Haar, Bgm. Andreas Bukowski


“During the initial meeting, which we combined with a tour of the brewery, we discussed the entire party and then implemented it. The advice on dispensing technology and the product range was spot on. The festival is now a routine blind event.”

Burschenfest Alxing, BV Alxing

Club treasury

“We are well staffed and it is important to us that there is no risk to the club’s finances at the end of the day. In close consultation with Wildbräu, we collected the inventory ourselves and agreed a flat rate. Wildbräu then took care of commissioning the bar. Again and again!”

Maibaum Pöring, BV D´Bianga

Festival service


Festivals have characterised our urban Bavarian way of life for almost 1,000 years and are deeply rooted in our homeland.

With our experts and inventory, we are set up for your Festl and give you the certainty that everything will run smoothly.

Smaller festivals can be picked up directly from our ramp sale. For larger events, please send our festival professionals all the relevant details (date, delivery/collection etc.)

  • WhatsApp: 01522 4217356 or e-mail:
  • Inventory hire is only possible in combination with a drinks order.
  • Full crates can be returned, for which a commission fee of 1.50 euros per crate will be charged.
  • All prices quoted include VAT and are for a full weekend.

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Festival-Experts on site:


Marketing expert

90 crates or more can be labelled with own label
Festival logo, festival poster, festival banner
Festival advertising on social media


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