Leonhardi Bock

Wildbräu Grafing
Wildbräu beers | Leonhardi Bock  

This double bock beer is characterised by a very strong yellow colouring. The head of foam is fine-pored. Despite the generous use of malt, the aroma of the hops comes through clearly.

This beer has a taste that is only slightly sweet while being markedly fruity and hoppy. This bock beer encourages the drinker to enjoy more and more thanks to the extra helping of hops and the use of top fermentation.

Availability: From mid-October until Christmas, as long as the supplies last.

Alcohol: 7. % vol., original gravity: 18.8 °Plato, International Bittering Units: 45 IBU

Recommendation for suitable foods: sweet dishes of all kinds, but also beef steaks and quick-fried meat.

Wildbräu Grafing