Festbier (celebration beer)

Grandauer Grafing
Grandauer beers | Festbier  

A bottom-fermented and golden yellow Festbier that is brewed especially for the Grandau Volksfest that is held early in the year. The head of foam is creamy and stable. The aroma is a delight for connoisseurs with restrained notes of the Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.

The caramel aroma of the special malts comes through at once in the flavour. This Festbier is pleasantly strong and simply encourages you to drink more.

Availability: From around 4weeks before the Volksfest until shortly after the Volksfest.

Alcohol: 5.6 % vol., original gravity: 13.5 °Plato, International Bittering Units: 17

Recommendation for suitable foods: Our Festbier is an ideal match for freshly grilled chicken or Steckerlfisch (smoked mackerel).

Grandauer Grafing