Brewing faculties

We run the Wildbräu and Grandauer breweries as a family operation. In doing so, we feel very closely and deeply tied to our home area. In addition to the high quality of our beer, which is naturally a matter of course for us, we increasingly look at environmental considerations when making our investment decisions.

2014 | New brewhouse

In 2014 we set up a completely new brewhouse being one of the most modern ones, using noticeably less energy and hence producing fewer emissions than its predecessor. This investment has given us the ability to create innovative special beers in addition to our existing range of beers that have a long tradition.


In our capacity as a regional brewery producing speciality beers we consciously maintain our long and proud tradition while at the same time treading new paths together with our staff.

Dr. Schlederer (Mrs.) with Mr. Brunner, the Bavarian Minister of Agriculture

The central focus of our vision is a high-quality, regional beverage that our customers enjoy on an everyday basis and on special occasions. We know that we can only continue to be successful in future through continuous further development and so maintain our tradition of craft brewing. Last but by no means least, our staff are the basis of our long-term success and the continued existence of our family brewery.

The main items among our brands are . . .

Wildbräu brewery | GrafingThe Wildbräu brewery represents speciality beers that are also marketed outside our region and are intended for a wide spectrum of customers. In addition, various seasonal beers and special beers are brewed throughout the year.
Grandauer brewery | GrafingThe Grandauer brewery has ever been a local brewery that has had its roots in the region and which is immensely popular with young and old through its numerous products and the many events that it holds.